Cheeneh Niavaran – Alt 2

A parametric facade makes this building by Iranian architecture firm cheeneh design office stand out from its neighbors. Facing the south view in bahonar street in niavaran, Tehran , making the atmosphere pleasure for pedestrians. “we try on reaching best form of facade in shape and style according to the daylight and reducing energy consumption “ . dr.ffrahani said
a double skin structure was employed, as views from the interior offer limited visual delight. the sustainable designed feature consists of glass curtain walls in first skin ,and perforated aluminum for the second skin. computer algorithms determined the irregular form, using triangular pieces just in case of logic concept and better forms of view . the existing context consists of mostly vertical geometric shapes.
different angles and shapes of the individually perforated panels were designed to fit into a standard size, ensuring a minimal loss of material. LED lighting installed inside the double skin .

Interior design


170 m2


     interior design of  Niavaran Commercial Office building has been done along the lines of its exterior design in a simple and modern way. using colored square cubes in ceiling  gives it a special feature. In the entire white color spectrum of the interior walls, the ceiling has a special effect , while interlacing with other elements, plays a different role. 

Interior design in contrast of exterior light  reflection inside , reach its peak and showcase the masterpiece of a modern process.